Tips and tricks

How to transfer grids on flat specimens ?

 The procedure described in the following paper can be used:

 J.L. Piro and M. Grédiac, Producing and transferring low-spatial-frequency grids for measuring displacement fields with moiré and grid methods, Experimental Techniques, 28(4):23-26, 2004


Where to order grids and adhesive to transfer them ?


Grids can be printed by : 

1- Laser Technologie, 1 rue Jean Rostand, ZI les Bruyères, 78190 Trappes, France. The smallest pitch is 20 micrometers. Email: fao [at]

2- CAD/Art Services, Inc., 87509 Oberman Lane, Bandon, OR 97411, USA. Email: cas [at]

pdf files of grids with pitch lying between 0.2 and 1 mm are downloadable here.



The following adhesives can be used to transfer the grids:

1- EPOTECNY9 rue Aristide Briand, 92300 Levallois Perret, France. Email: commercial [at]

 Reference of the adhesive: EPOTECNY E504. The white color shall be specified in the order.